Sheep Game

Hold on there, there's a brand new Sheep Game coming!

The new Sheep Game is currently in active development. This will be the fourth iteration of the Sheep Game since 2000. With the new one I'm going with a new name too; Too Many Sheep. It will be the first Sheep Game to use 3D.

Local multiplayer sheep herding

Sheep Game is a couch based multiplayer game best played with 2, 3 or 4 people.

The game features 4 fields to herd your sheep in. To win the game you need to win 3 rounds. To win a round you need to herd 3 sheep into the central pen and hold them there for 3 seconds. Controls are very simple, point the analogue stick in the direction you want your dog to run and it will follow your command. If you pick up a power up you can trigger it with the action button.

Will you play defensive and block your opponents? Or will you become top dog by rounding up your sheep in record time using your speed and agility!?

So go grab your friends and challenge them to some fast and frenzied sheep herding.

Game features